It is a Hoax

For your information.
You may want to check these out before forwarding junk e-mail.
Microsoft, Disney, etc. will not send you money for forwarding e-mails!
There are a lot of Virus emails that are nothing but a Hoax.
If you only bookmark one, I recommend the first one which also has a link to virus hoaxes.
The third one is a very reliable source for virus hoaxes.
The websites below will all open in a new window.
Just click on the Link to go there.

An excellent site to check out hoaxes:
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Another good site.
(Also has a Search Engine)

Best site to check out a phony virus hoax:
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Another site to check out virus hoaxes & some phony e-mails:

This site tells you like it is; here is an example:
sulfnbk.exe virus - It's not a hoax per se -- it's actually a mass-hysteria urban legend. Sadly, a bunch of clueless people keep rewriting the alert. Just one more reason why virus news should come directly from a virus expert...